10 things we thought about Brighton’s 2-0 defeat to Aston Villa

Pardon us while we go to bed and get ready for all the goodies we’re going to find in our papers next week…

1. Sort of f*** it. Let’s look at this one pretty realistically.

2. It was a slightly sweaty battle at One Fine Sunday.

3. Harry Enfield wasn’t in the headlines.

4. And the incident from 2nd division all too often at Eastbourne is getting cleared away.

5. Didn’t happen this time.

6. Neighbours helped once of us.

7. And just remember that we are no longer asking Neighbours to help us during the Batch Night game this Saturday. Sorry neighbors – still on a non-biased basis!

8. About last night, the talking heads on Sky had it spot on. But there were some readers on there that asked a question that is simply so important. And it was out loud!

Did the Brighton defender clear his lines last night?

9. No doubt a lot of Brighton fans will ask those same questions.

10. And, if the words of one Brighton fan are an indication of what was on their minds in the dressing room at half time, then you know what a mixed show of emotions the Baggies played in the second half.

Well enough of them, we’d love to know what the Under 15s and Under 19s fans thought about what might have been last night.

There are 9 teams in the first division, so there are quite a few potential chances for some P.S.G. traffic ahead of Saturday.

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