2020 Education Update on CNN Presents


New concepts: Soaring above: The curriculum soars. Earth Day 2020 is shaping up to be one of the more interesting conferences we’ve had in a long time. Lots of ideas are popping out and we’ll be bringing them to you. Another innovative way of making learning: Organic agriculture. It looks like the model is working, and we’ll be exploring this. Money talks. A transition of power is underway in which the institutions in society recognize that wealth has limits. We’ll watch this closely.

In a nod to 2015, we’ll be watching at what we call a “difficult meeting” for Terry Lake at the Ontario Health Sciences Centre in Toronto. This is the first time we will see the Liberal premier of Ontario breaking his public silence on the Auditor General’s damning report. What are you looking forward to?


New ideas: As we move into summer, I’m excited about Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz’s summer reading list. Expect more-natural explanations of recent events in the Canadian economy. Our allies in Europe should be watching very closely. Press clippings from around the world should be popping up in July and August.

Science moves: Science leads the world, but not to claim victory yet. Not only will it be highlighted in the report of the Minister of Science, it will be mentioned in the Federal Budget. Summer is when funding for Health and environmental research will be announced. This means that if you’re in Ontario, it is very likely you will know someone working on science research.


Notable initiatives: A whole host of new initiatives in various stages of development, including the “STEM & Military” initiative and the Canadian Centre for Ethics, Innovation and Human Security (CCEHS).

Science moves: The government will cut funding for the content of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. It still hasn’t introduced Science, Technology and Innovation Canada (STIC), despite committing to fund it. I wouldn’t be surprised if STIC gets kicked around some by the Parliamentary Budget Officer and the Auditor General in the near future.

Defence will be front and centre. It’s a bit early for anything really but research around Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be clearly on the agenda.

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