3 Simple, & Painless, Tips To Throw

Ladies and gents, we take you through the simple, cost-effective steps to throw the perfect holiday party.

Stick to the “Same Old Same Old”

Following the same routine every year is the easiest way to save on party costs. It’s the automatic answer to all your problems. However, following the same routine every year can get boring, especially if you have to do the same bit of party planning over and over. Maybe you look at all the things that could change, so you slowly work to a new strategy. For instance, if you’ve done tradition for years, use the first week of September to hire out an event space to hold a larger party, and take on an outside DJ. Alternatively, have a dinner party at your house in a more intimate setting. It can be a lot cheaper this way, because you can simply hire out a buffet, or even a buffet with hostesses. Other simple changes you can try include sharing drinks at the party with friends, having a few post-party cups, and featuring a professional photographer for the night. These are just the little things to keep things fresh and exciting for your guests, and will make sure that your party stays true to your classic holiday party style.

Organising the Hostess Party

Here are the essentials that you’ll need to get off to a good start with a party:

Wrap boxes, colour tape, and paper collage templates in lids for guestbooks. Make a notecard wall with white paper to decorate the walls of the room. Purchase craft supplies and finally bring party favors.

Favour supplies are the first thing to send out to guests to look after. Replacing your usual hostess tray with party favors is a great idea. These little extras are a great way to keep your guests involved throughout the party, and in the end, you never have to run around trying to find a party favor for everyone.

The party will last about three hours so have plenty of booze to play with. To really impress the guests with your best shots, you can always have the photographer come back, ask everyone to act surprised, and get shot.

Create an enticing atmosphere with plenty of pastries and seasonal cake, and innovative teas and coffees.

Put a few platters on the table with dessert drinks, and try out a few new cocktails to spice things up. They are always popular, and if you’re having a bigger party, might even be a good idea to work some suggestions into the menu as well.

Start early and be prepared to go late. The party will often start around 11:30 pm, and while you’ll probably be able to wrap up by midnight, it’s better to stay until 2am so that you can keep things going throughout the night. It’s probably also a good idea to make sure that you’ve got something on hand for those who are really into their booze.

The New Rules for Making A Party

Now that the party is under way, it’s time to take control and make sure that it doesn’t let you down. See how you can make this an event that guests will remember, and a great way to go for a happy holiday. For more rules, see below.

Cut, save, and reuse

It’s time to make the big decision. Do you cut your wine glass in half in preparation for an upcoming wine flight, or do you save half and use the other half to create your next drink? What about standardizing your drink glasses? Make sure that your glasses are never too small and won’t give guests the flu, as you don’t want to serve guests your beer in a very small ice bucket.

Save your glassware

It’s normal to need a lot of refills of your house wine, so why not make it easy for your guests by throwing a wine club to support local vineyards? Not only will they ensure that they have access to wine from smaller, artisanal operations, but it’s also a great way to extend the drink for everyone else. Each glass will cost your guest $10 a pop, or you can put a charity board on a couple of glasses of wine for a brilliant way to leave the club.

Create family fun

Encourage your guests to include your little ones in the mix. Even if your adult friends and family won’t appreciate it, they’ll end up with a whole new experience. Have your kids help out a bit in the kitchen or swing an ornament in the balloon guy every time you throw a party, and you won’t miss the fun and laughter that kids bring to parties.

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