Automation is transforming the American workforce

With President Trump’s goal of revitalizing the U.S. economy, firms across sectors are looking to improve their productivity by using technology.

According to a survey conducted by Associated Builders and Contractors, 31 percent of respondents said they currently use automation in their businesses, and 51 percent of respondents said that they believe their organization will have a largely automatable workforce within the next five years.

The majority of these modern entrepreneurs see automation as a chance to increase efficiency and effectiveness, but also as a way to help their workforce achieve maximum productivity. About 37 percent of respondents were committed to automating entire departments of their business to cut down on unnecessary expenses, 37 percent were considering the automation of all employees in all departments, and 10 percent said they were considering the automation of workforce roles that involve repetitive, manual tasks.

The majority of companies surveyed also confirmed that automation will become increasingly important as the retirement of baby boomers and their success in retiring will leave a significant skills gap. Nearly 80 percent of respondents said that they expected to hire for skills instead of the traditional positions.

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