Chanel, TikTok and the Beauty Advent Calendar Controversy was originally published on hellobeautiful.

Chanel, TikTok and the Beauty Advent Calendar Controversy was originally published on

1. Chanel Chanel’s Advent Calendar of choice is for the sophisticated shopper. Rather than the clowns or cavorting dancers of the normies, Chanel has the same 6 pairs of earrings, 7 bags and 14 lipsticks, each brand new! This calendar does come with a “banner” of a sock monkey that is obviously a rip-off of the 2018 year-end calendar of the same name, with a few minor differences. Your money buys you a canvas shopping bag and a bowtie for your face. $75 – Free samples – $140 – See Review

2. TikTok TikTok is a millennial-friendly answer to YouTube and Snapchat, where videos live forever in the online world. Their gif-based video host game of choice is “Titltime,” made up of old school minigames and later updated with more modern games. This Tetris-like app and game features may use a lot of location data to generate ad revenue, but what else could YOU possibly need for a video game recap of the year? $8 – $11 – See Review

3. Instagram The year, as every New Year’s celebration, is celebrated with new batches of family and friends over a drink, food and new threads. This year, Instagram announced a sale from November 1st until the Super Bowl that will feature an assortment of 40 limited-edition items that look phenomenal in your feed. Some items include Karmaloop’s a special occasion swimsuit collection, as well as skincare and beauty products, low prices and so much more. $90 – $140 – See Review

4. Sephora Sephora’s special edition Christmas 2019 calendar was here in full force earlier this year. These days though, one might reconsider their holiday habits and keep your own calendar rather than purchasing so many gift cards, when you could grab the calendar yourself! I chose makeup and clothing, with a few artisan picks here and there. $70 – $70 – See Review

5. Amazon Alexa Alexa is the very definition of “unplugged,” and she is here for the holiday season to help you become a more thoughtful and loving person. Alexa, add your extra treats to your just purchased list and consider using her full-tilt voice to help you remember to light up the tree. $4.99 – See Review

6. Apple Holiday Gifts/Cards Apple’s latest MacBook is here to guide you to your new and improved tech, and has a glittery holiday doodle specifically for your matrimonial desires. $1.99 – See Review

7. iHeartRadio A ton of radio stations are offering you free Apple Music subscription credits to reward you for loving all things pop and Skrillex! You can download them or even use them as gift cards. $10 – See Review

8. Radio Disney Radio D’oh! Radio Disney is taking the guesswork out of the Christmas countdown and the month of December. Whether you want a pre-listening party, wake-up call or relaxing airplay that just dares you to listen to something not popular, you’ll find it all right here. $3.99 – See Review

9. Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa Alexa is going to solve the irritating aches, pains and annoying house phone calls you may encounter. She can order a Domino’s pizza, ask about the economy or everything else you need to know. $29.99 – See Review

10. Apple Apple’s iPhone XS Max and the notch have set the bar for major iPhone upgrades, which is why stores are prepping models for the holidays. For the cost of $750, you’ll be able to take advantage of a larger display that displays detailed messages and photos. An OLED screen means brilliant colors and a brighter white balance that will remind you the color wheel is your ally for friends and family coming over to view your iPhone.

11. April the Giraffe Three months and counting. Only 41 days of April being preened and fed on the game and the giraffe is now nearly ready to give birth! I’m writing it down because the wait is almost over. If you want to give your mate an early Christmas present, he’ll be ready in a matter of days. $6 – See Review

I hope you enjoy the list of what your friends, family and loved ones are gifting you. I’m getting my hand on a few Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa Editions, so my presents are coming in a bit sooner than I thought they would! Happy holidays.

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