Dole’s Office Gets Unwanted Help for Bob Dole’s Funeral

A Washington, D.C. event planner has been removed from Bob Dole’s funeral after a body snatching of a former Democratic National Committee chairwoman last year, apparently at the hand of Dole’s office.

Michael Brown, vice president and chief operating officer of Brown-Woods PR, confirmed to Fox News that they were advised by Dole’s office that his company was not allowed to return after only one week to work on Dole’s private funeral service.

“We did have a moment, at the beginning of the year, that my relationship with the senator and his staff became a bit strained, and shortly thereafter, his office indicated they didn’t want my company to return,” Brown told Fox News.

However, they told him, “They don’t think it’s healthy for my company.”

The Washington Post reported, “Following the theft of a Democratic National Committee chairwoman’s purse in January, Dole’s office told Brown-Woods that the former senator’s request to assist with the funeral was no longer available after that incident.”

Mr. Brown said it’s an “appalling snub” and “ignored me to the point that I couldn’t go to any event or any routine thing I needed to do.”

The Better Business Bureau states that Brown & Associates is registered in the District of Columbia under a D.C. license to do promotional and event planning. A check with the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs revealed the company does not currently have a contract to do promotional event planning.

Brown said in his nearly 30 years of work, that he’s never seen this kind of disruption.

Brown told Fox News they’ve had a history of “deception and conflicts,” going back a few years.

Over the holidays, Brown expressed deep hurt and disappointment over the decision, and explained how “the legacy that he represents means a lot to me and my entire staff.”

“I tried to help a lot of people, not just Bob Dole but a lot of people throughout the district, and to have someone take the chance to sever the relationship is very painful,” he said.

Fox News obtained a letter, dated Jan. 6, and from Brown to Dole’s special assistant, James Ross, and his personal assistant, Betsy Wohl, saying Brown and company were asked to leave the premises, which they did “to express our sincere gratitude.”

After the news broke in the media, Brown told Fox News, they received over 50 phone calls from friends and associates offering to help him with funeral services and other activities, including to take his place at events.

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