Vaccine ban for Toronto City Councilors against Seasonal Influenza

NEW YORK, NY (CESI & OTHER BANKPETS) — (CPS Gennglo) — This afternoon, a decision was made by Toronto City Council Speaker John A. Tory to suspend 248 members of the City of Toronto from their duties without pay for not showing proof of vaccination against seasonal influenza.

Speaking from a Toronto, Ontario City Hall Newsroom, a spokesperson said, “Our Number One Priority is to Protect the Lives of the Citizens of Toronto. We had no choice but to suspend these employees for their deliberate lack of action to protect themselves and their fellow City of Toronto employees. This decision today was very difficult because we, as a Government of Canada-run City of Toronto, had no other choice. The Toronto City Council sat and hoped for the best while counting the cost in losses to the City and employee lives.”

The Toronto City Council suspended these employees as a result of a City Office which had been reporting reports of this issue for months. One such report was issued in a February 23nd email obtained by the Ceject Scientific Center of the Santa Clara University Department of Global Affairs. The email was sent by a City Officer to a Toronto Deputy Mayor, requiring City employees to provide a mandate that includes documentation of vaccination from their previous doctor, prior to any returning to work. This directive, although necessary, was not carried out by the City for 3 months.

A copy of the Ceject Scientific Center of the Santa Clara University Department of Global Affairs email report as provided by the CPS Gennglo

Since City employees at all levels did not show proof of vaccination, these employees were involved in all types of work activities that required them to have any available information to do their jobs, including use of city vehicles. These employees were not provided proper health and safety guidelines, including proper safety gear while in the workplace, to make themselves safe from seasonal influenza.

(Contact: Sean Cotton, Brian Bolano, Sander Hayes)

If you are interested in learning more about the Vaccine for Humanitarian Purposes (VHP) (meaning a dose for life for a specific disease) Law in Canada, you can learn more at the US-Canada Department of Global Affairs.

The City of Toronto, Canada, is governed by Council Members elected from four major electoral districts. The Members are chosen by citizens across the length and breadth of the City of Toronto, including roughly 250,000 residents who live in the Town of Vaughan. City Council Members are appointed by the Governor of Ontario, and are thus subject to the Provincial Electoral Law and Ontario House of Commons Procedure. The City also works in co-operation with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Ministry of the Environment, and other provincial and municipal government agencies. The City of Toronto is a majority minority coalition Government (Liberal, Conservative, and NDP).

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