What a unique sport powerlifting looks like

When it comes to injuries, there are those who get hurt everyday, and then there are those who end up with careers and titles because they had bad luck in that department.

Yoga instructor Nicola Jones first learned about her passion for being a powerlifter when she was 16, and even now her hands are covered in scars because of all of the weights she has lifted in her 15 years.

But she won’t let her injuries deter her from training hard to perfect her moves and improve on the British squad.

It’s probably hard for some of us to imagine our big muscles not hurt like hell when they’re being used in such a strenuous way, but just like anyone else, Nicola admits some days are better than others for her big strong muscles.

“As I’m lifting more I do tend to get more bruises and little cuts and scratches as they develop on my biceps and, to be honest, I get quite excited when I get a bruise when it develops into a deep cut!”

But what about the stereotypes that just by joining up in an unusual hobby the girl must look like a villain and is out to get other people?

“I do have to get used to being a bit looked at, that’s just my job now. In the beginning I’m sure I felt quite rubbish about it, like maybe you’re going to turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger with a wig, but after a while you get the stereotype that you’re going to turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger with a wig.”

She’s also heard some sexist comments about the sport and admits that it is rarely in public but admitted to changing some of her moves to make them more “feminine”.

“It’s that ‘hey blonde female in a bad bod’ thing, but not a lot people are still really negative about it, so that’s good.”

It’s at the gym Nicola mostly trains but is also able to hit the bars or even climb some walls. She wants to use her current achievements to push the sport forward and continue to spread her message about body positivity and encourage others to join her on the journey.

“It just keeps growing, so it would be lovely to see us get on the podium. The women that I’m teaming up with on this year’s World Championships are definitely a great chance for us to do something and put a bit of weight on the side of things as well.”

Whatever kind of athlete she wants to be after women’s powerlifting you can rest assured Nicola is at work on the hardest workouts of her life in a bid to help others.

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