Why the US Attorney in New York ordered Donald Trump to testify

The US Attorney for the Southern District of New York says he has subpoenaed Donald Trump to testify in an investigation of fraud at Trump University.

The subpoena follows allegations that Trump personally “should” be forced to give evidence as part of ongoing criminal proceedings related to the college, which was a real estate seminar company that did not provide any real advice.

Trump has “directed” about $40m (£29m) of money into the college, whereas most of the attendees lost all their money, Mr Madoff said.

He made the comment in 2011, shortly after Trump University was sued for fraud, and before Trump finally settled with three of his victims.

The US Attorney’s Office in New York City is investigating whether Donald Trump himself was part of an “infamous fraud scheme”, in particular whether he used his presidential candidacy to peddle false promises and fraudulent products to millions of Americans.

Mr Trump has repeatedly denied that his credibility is damaged by his past.

Before the school was brought to the attention of Mr Madoff and the media, Trump University was a registered trademark of his company, The Trump Organization.

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