DOJ probe: Hundreds of Toronto City Employee Suspended Without Pay For Failing To Provide Vaccination Proof

144 city of Toronto employees injured on the job during a mass health and safety investigation earlier this month were also temporarily suspended without pay, all as a result of failing to provide proof of their vaccinations, The Toronto Star is reporting.

A statement from city Mayor John Tory and the City’s Chief Administrative Officer said 248 city employees were suspended without pay for “insufficient evidence or non-compliance with occupational health and safety laws.”

The investigation stems from a mass death at a hospital on March 6. The city of Toronto is now seeking to move the investigation to the province and provincial health officials as a criminal investigation has not been completed.

Before March 6, 68 employees were disciplined for allegedly violating workplace safety laws.

The Star reports that a $37,000 fine has been sought from the city of Toronto for workers who failed to provide evidence of their vaccination during a health and safety investigation.

The health and safety investigation at that point covered almost 1,000 city employees from December 2016 to this month.

Bryan Armen Graham is a contributor to Fox News Channel.

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